Hypertension OR HIGH vital sign

➡️ As per to WHO 12.8% of total death of world population occurred by hypertension.
➡️ Hypertension tends to extend with age.
➡️ It also depends on genetic,age,race
➡️ Mostly people over 65 have high vital sign .

Main Causes Of Hypertenstion

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Chronic stress
  • Poor kidney function

3 JUICES which are recommended to reduce hypertension are

1️⃣ Beetroot juice
They are rich in nitrates . NITRATES help to relax blood vessels & improve blood flow and lower the systolic bp (upper limit) within the matter of few hours

2️⃣🥬Spinach juice
They are rich in potassium which helps to relax tension in arteries and enhance blood flow , they’re also rich in lutein which prevent thickening of walls of arteries and reduce the danger of attack .

3️⃣🥕Carrot juice
They are also high in potassium & makes your heart healthy.

Whenever you feel you are suffering from hypertension try to

✅Increase fiber
✅Increase veggies and fruits which are rich in potassium , magnesium calcium
✅Do any physical activity but don’t do any exercise while you lay down on your back that can increase blood pressure