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Our Mission

Established in 2019, Body Mechaniq the centralisation of gym wears , nutrition & organic products. Welcome to the primary on-line platform of its kind, the complete fitness store. Over the past years body mechaniq has become a trusty hub for fitness trends, future athletic facility wear , organic & nutrition brand, that ships to each customer around Pakistan.

It is the mission of Body Mechaniq , to supply solely the best products out there, backed by quick, economical & correct service. We’ve got researched our business for under the best fitness knowledge, and our goal is to impress every and each client with the caliber of our products alone within the business, backed by reputed service, that is second to none.

Additionally, we tend to shall method orders during a timely manner, check every order for accuracy and ship as secure and do all of the on top of during a cheerful and polite manner. most significantly, The Body Mechaniq store is committed to doing all of this, & will maintain competitive price & rating.

CEO & Founder:

Muhammad Mohsin

CO Founder: Arsalan

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