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Get this exclusive Mega Deal Offer PPBMDPB, with this exclusive bundle you will get 1 500 gm jar of whey protein peanut butter & 1 jar of  5 in 1 mixed dry fruit nut butter with discounted price !

No artificial food color , No extra sugar , 💯% Organic , purely made from fresh dry peanuts with drops of OLIVE OIL. We have used whey protein powder in it to add maximum amount of protein in whey protein peanut butter. As far as mixed dry fruit nut butter it is made with 5 dryfruits i.e almonds , walnuts , cashew , peanuts & dates. Instead of eating cakes , chocolates , chips or any other sugary items utilize this healthy snack because it’s rich in protein  , fat & high in fiber. we added Whey powder for extra amount of protien. Delivery is available all accross 🇵🇰

Shipping & Return:

once the order is dispatched and delivered to the customer parcel will not be returned as our jar is sealed and once sealed is opened it will not be returned back & it will also be considered non-refundable !

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